This Series of photographs deal with the life of the fishermen who live in the distant area of lake “Kerkini” in northern Greece. It is an effort to examine their everyday life and record the struggle for the survival of this profession in today’ s harsh reality.

The fishermen live in self-styled houses- huts, which they build themselves; they face harsh living conditions; their economic survival is at the mercy of the unprecedented crises that has afflicted Greece the last few years. The fruits of their labor remain unappreciated. Their number is rapidly diminishing; of eighty families in 1985, there remain only fifteen today. Modernism against community, Goliath against David. It is the beginning of the end of manual labour, and this a big problem for the Greek countryside, which is struggling to stay alive with whatever is available.

The scenery still keeps its magic and beauty, from the distant past of the old lake area, intact and the water, as a fertility symbol, is enough to convince us that the area still keeps well hidden secrets. This series of photographs is dedicated to those that do not quit , but try to keep their ties  with  the lake unaltered through the centuries.. Will these people succeed in maintaining their position in the social system of the lake, which is constantly changing.