rtists usually engage with environmental topics, using a broad spectrum of methodologies and materials, attempt to contribute to most pressing issues of aesthetic practice, even by incorporating rubbish into their artworks. Such appropriation in contemporary art has its tradition in avant-garde exercises- as in the likes of Arte Povera– often works as a romanticized carrier of memory or, rather, an idealistic vision of making something new through means of something old.  

It is this very affinity that Christophoros Doulgeris identifies with in his new body of photographs, under the generalized title “Under Construction”, which interlinks him with modernist meta-narratives related to Abstract Expressionism, and to a vigorous resonance of Eco Art. Through his photographic collages, Doulgeris also romanticizes the notion of repurposing found or collected waste, transforming it, with the use of his lens, into an aesthetic object that serves as a means to rehabilitate its status or, perhaps, as a critique of our ever-expanding consumerism.